Astronomical Reflecting Telescope 11 (AZT-11)


1.25-meter Ritchey-Chretien reflector with a focal length of 16 m has two focuses and intended for photometric and polarimetric observations. 5-channel photopolarimeter developed by V. Piirola is mounted at the main focus, CCD-photometer - at the auxiliary focus. The telescope is used for photometric and polarimetric observations of various space objects: variable stars of different types, active galactic nuclei, asteroids, comets.

Primary mirror diameter1.25 m
Focal length16 m
Optical systemRitchey-Chretien (f/12.8)
Equipment Photopolarimeter by V. Piirola
CCD with a focus reductor
Coordinates44°43′37″ N; 34°01′02″ E